I'm excited to announce a new addition to my website. It's called The Light Room, and it's the place where I'm putting all my personal songs. I'm excited to finally be sharing them. They are my most favorite inspirational and uplifting songs that I've written...

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I'm so glad you're here!

I've written tons of sheet music and it's here for you to enjoy. I've written piano song, choir songs, songs for solos, and songs for groups with 2 part harmonies. Hopefully whatever you're looking for! You can download the sheet music and print it off, and play it. As long as it's for non-commercial purposes, it's there for you to enjoy.

Also, check out my lightroom, it's not free for everyone, but if you become a member, then you can enjoy that music as well - songs that can uplift and inspire you. So look around and see what's here. Comment, and be uplifted by the other comments. Have a great time and enjoy the music!

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New Sheet Music!

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Peace in Me

(Written for the 2018 Mutual Theme)


Love is the Key

Latest Comments

"Thank you so much for posting your lovely arrangement of Amazing Grace. I played it during communion this morning and it brought some members to tears. It really is one of the prettiest arrangements I've had the pleasure to play." ~ Bev (Amazing Grace)

"I accompanied our choir with this piece for our closing number at Stake Conference. Many in the choir, myself included, teared up while singing it. It is such a beautiful tune to go with wonderfully inspiring words. I will add this to my collection of favorite music!" ~ Ruth Ann Williams (I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go)

"I am a member of the MHS Madrigals choir and I am graduating and leaving on a LDS mission to the Philippines during the summer. My bishop asked if I wanted to do a musical number and at first I was not sure what I wanted to do, but after hearing this I know that I wanted to do this one with my choir at my farewell. Thank you so much for creating and supplying this beautiful arrangement." ~ Jacob Horne (I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go)

"I like this song very much! I am playing it on the piano and it makes me a bit sad but also happu. Thank you for composing this beautiful music!" ~ Reinie van Bockel-Smit (In a Special Place)

"Heard this performed recently at a baptism and loved your composition! We hope to perform it in our church choir this year. Thanks for sharing your gift!" ~ Valerie Peck (Amazing Grace)

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~Lindy Kerby