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~ Lindy Kerby

Come Follow Me

"Suffer the little ones to come unto me"
Gently he beckons them, "Come follow Me".
Hearing His voice, Feeling His care,
Guided by loving hands, I reach for Him there

He calls each little one, but some can not hear
He prays for each of them, Wanting them near.
And then I see, He's speaking to me,
"Child, If thou lovest me, Feed my sheep."

"Come follow me." the Savior said.
then let us in His footstep tread,
for thus alone can we be one,
With God's own loved Begotten Son.

Lord, wilt thou show me how to follow thy lead.
and may I be a friend to each one in need
I understand, I'll do thy command
Loving each little one, we'll walk hand in hand.

About the Song:
These lyrics just kept running through my head for weeks before I got them down on paper. I tried to let the inspiration lead me in the right direction. And found it very interesting that the first verse of "Come Follow Me" was what needed to be the chorus

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From Jessica:

Love, love, love this arrangement!