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From Jacob Horne: on I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

May 05 2017
I am a member of the MHS Madrigals choir and I am graduating and leaving on a LDS mission to the Philippines during the summer. My bishop asked if I wanted to do a musical number and at first I was not sure what I wanted to do, but after hearing this I know that I wanted to do this one with my choir at my farewell. Thank you so much for creating and supplying this beautiful arrangement.

From Reinie van Bockel-Smit: on In a Special Place

May 05 2017
I like this song very much! I am playing it on the piano and it makes me a bit sad but also happu. Thank you for composing this beautiful music!

From Valerie Peck: on Amazing Grace

April 04 2017
Heard this performed recently at a baptism and loved your composition! We hope to perform it in our church choir this year. Thanks for sharing your gift!

From Cindy Schnell: on Amazing Grace

March 03 2017
One of our investigators is going to be baptized this Sat and requested an arrangement of Amazing Grace to be played. The 2 Missionary Sisters in our ward that taught Rhonda will sing the 1st verse, I plan to play the arrangement in between and they will end with the 2nd verse. We are so excited to share this with our ward and Rhonda's family on Sat. Thank you for sharing this beautiful arrangement!

From Bonnie Bennett: on I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

January 01 2017
Definitely my most favorite arrangement of this hymn! My choir loved it, too! Thank you!

From Jera Robertson: on I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

January 01 2017
Lovely arrangement! I espcially love how it has a celtic sound/feel to it. Looking forward to putting it into my repetoire!

From Pablo Bensaya: on Always

January 01 2017
Estupendo. Calma, paciencia, una meditación en los extraños movimientos del tiempo. Una estética cuidada y elegante.

From karina: on Dare to do Right

January 01 2017
I was wondering if you might have a music video with this arrangement. I was trying to play it on the piano and I just Imagined the youth in our ward singing it! I wanted to show them a video or something to see if the might want to sing. (I am not a pianist by any means but it thought I could ask one of the YW to play it and it would be nice to have her listen to the music first)

From Dorothy Clark: on In His Keeping

January 01 2017
Thank you so much for offering free piano music. Your music is so beautiful and I hope to play a lot of it at my Dad's funeral service in a couple of weeks. The Lord bless you!

From Laura: on My Baptism Day

December 12 2016
Hi there,

My son is going to baptized soon. So I wonder if you could send me the piano minus track yo sing this beautiful song for him. I Can sing pretty well and I know he is going to love this song as well. But I do not have anybody that can play rhe piano for me.
Please, let me know
Thank you so much!!