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~ Lindy Kerby

He Gives Me Hope

How often I find myself stuck in the sand
The waves crashing over me, far from dry land
It seems that relief is so hard to come by
But someone is offering His hand
With a gift of love I?ll never understand
But I have.....

Hope in Him
to take away my sorrow
And hope to know that He knows all I?m going through
I pray that He can get me to tomorrow
And patiently I trust in Him and I believe,
He gives me hope

There?s no one who knows more of the trials I face
Than the one who gave His life for me stood in my place
With perfect understanding He knows everything I feel
And He offers me hope when everything seems so unclear
And I have....


Hope to know where I am going to
And hope to know that everything He said is true
And I have hope in Him that someday I?ll be wrapped in His arms again
If I live faithful to the end
And have a....


He gives me hope!
He gives me hope!

About the Song:
In times of difficulty and trial, sometimes it is easy to be discouraged, and depressed. But as I learn how to let my Savior take my sorrows and troubles and rely on Him, I am blessed with hope, peace, and comfort.

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