New music for the 2018 LDS Mutual Theme!

Recent Comments...

"I was reading Mark 9:2-9 while seated at the piano, hoping for inspiration for a piano solo this Sunday, which will be Transfiguration Sunday at the church where I play. I looked up, and the copy of " ~ Sylvia Hewett Schneider (In a Special Place)

"Thank you! This is a perfect Advent postlude!" ~ Kathryn (Anticipation for Christmas)

"This is a beautiful arrangement. I am directing a YSA choir and am excited to try it. Is there a place I can listen to it? Thank you so much for sharing your talents!" ~ Becky (Far Far Away)

"I needed a hymn for a special missionary meeting and I choose this hymn because of the message of spreading the gospel throughout the world. I was so happy to find your arrangement of it. I'm looking forward to preparing our choir to sing such a beautiful arrangement. " ~ Norean Ball (Go Forth With Faith)

"Thank you so much for posting your lovely arrangement of Amazing Grace. I played it during communion this morning and it brought some members to tears. It really is one of the prettiest arrangements I've had the pleasure to play." ~ Bev (Amazing Grace)