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~ Lindy Kerby

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Oct 03, 2017
The last several years have been pretty difficult - dealing with divorce, moving from my home, financial struggles, court proceedings, health concerns, and trying to be a single mother, all of which I never could have foreseen or hoped would be a part of my life. Instead of celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary, and enjoying having all seven of my children in school, I'm trying to figure out who I am, what God's plan is for me and how I can earn an income as a single parent.

I'm grateful for my testimony and the strength that comes from knowing I'm a child of God and that He still loves me regardless of the circumstances I'm finding myself in. Without that strength, I know that I wouldn't be able to feel the happiness and peace that has continued to accompany me throughout the trials and struggles I've been ... Read More

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"Thank you so much for posting your lovely arrangement of Amazing Grace. I played it during communion this morning and it brought some members to tears. It really is one of the prettiest arrangements I've had the pleasure to play." ~ Bev (Amazing Grace)

"I accompanied our choir with this piece for our closing number at Stake Conference. Many in the choir, myself included, teared up while singing it. It is such a beautiful tune to go with wonderfully inspiring words. I will add this to my collection of favorite music!" ~ Ruth Ann Williams (I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go)

"I am a member of the MHS Madrigals choir and I am graduating and leaving on a LDS mission to the Philippines during the summer. My bishop asked if I wanted to do a musical number and at first I was not sure what I wanted to do, but after hearing this I know that I wanted to do this one with my choir at my farewell. Thank you so much for creating and supplying this beautiful arrangement." ~ Jacob Horne (I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go)

"I like this song very much! I am playing it on the piano and it makes me a bit sad but also happu. Thank you for composing this beautiful music!" ~ Reinie van Bockel-Smit (In a Special Place)

"Heard this performed recently at a baptism and loved your composition! We hope to perform it in our church choir this year. Thanks for sharing your gift!" ~ Valerie Peck (Amazing Grace)

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