Solos and Duets

TitleVoicingTopicDownload Sheet Music
An Angel Sent From Heaven, Dressed Like YouSolocharity, relief society, visiting teachingDownload
Angel's Carol2partchristmasDownload
Arise and Shine Forth2 partmissionary work, youth, young women, young menDownload
As One SisterSolorelief society, service, visiting teachingDownload
Be Strong and of Good Courage2 partyoung women, faithDownload
Blessed Am ISolomotherhoodDownload
Father's LoveSoloprayer, love of GodDownload
Father, Do You Hear Me?2partprayer, young women, youth, primaryDownload
I Don't Mind At AllSolomotherhoodDownload
I'm Rediscovering YouSololove songDownload
If I'd Been ThereSolochristmas, easter, faithDownload
In Holy PlacesSolomutual theme, faithDownload
Lay Hold Upon All Good ThingsSoloprayer, choices, obedienceDownload
Love is the keySoloDownload
My Baptism DaySolobaptism, repentance, sacramentDownload
My Eternal FriendSolodeath, memoriesDownload
O Little Town of BethlehemSolochristmas, hymnDownload
O PioneersSolopioneersDownload
One in the SonSolovisiting teaching, charity, relief societyDownload
One Virtue At A Time2 partyoung womenDownload
Peace in ChristSoloDownload
Peace in MeSoloDownload
Rest in MeSolocomfort, peace, prayerDownload
Season to SingSolochristmasDownload
Story of FaithSolofaith, temple, pioneersDownload
The Armor of God (Behold A Royal Army)2partmissionary work, youth, young men, young womenDownload
The Greatest Girls on EarthSoloyoung womenDownload
We Are Sisters2 partrelief societyDownload
We Believe2 partfaith, youth, young men, young women, purpose of lifeDownload
We Believe (Spanish Version)Soloyouth, young women, young menDownload
We'll Stand Strong2 partfaith, youth, young men, young womenDownload
What He Sees2 partyoung women, relief society, SADownload

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