Be Strong and of Good Courage

I walk these halls alone,
Nothing here has changed.
I'm surrounded by so many
No one knows my name.
I'm not expecting miracles,
won't someone look at me.
Then from deep within my heart I hear,
Have I not commanded thee?

Be thou strong and of good courage,
Be thou not afraid,
For the Lord, thy God is with thee,
He will always stay.
He'll stand by you,
He'll give you strength,
the courage to succeed.
Be thou strong, Have courage,
Never be afraid.

I daily read his words,
I speak to Him each day.
I feel his spirit strengthen me
He's showing me the way.
He gives me peace, I feel His love,
He does believe in me.
And from somewhere deep within I feel,
The strength He gives to me.

I'll be strong and of good courage.
I'll not be afraid.
For the Lord my God is with me,
He will always stay.
He'll stand by me, He'll give me strength,
the courage to succeed.
I'll be strong, Have courage
Never be afraid
[Onward Christian Soldiers]
I will never be afraid!

Copyright 2010 Teri Garritson

About the Song:
Music and Lyrics for this song were written by Teri Garritson. Teri doesn't usually write music, but is one of the Young Women leaders in our ward. She told me she had some ideas for a young women song.
I think she was hoping I would take those ideas and make a song out of them, but instead, I helped her to write it herself. It turned out beautiful. I believe the music and lyrics were inspired. It was the perfect song to fit the 2010 Young Women's Theme this year!
She is happy to share this song with others. Download just the Vocal Parts or get the full sheet music using the button above.
The demo recording was made using some of our Young Women. Enjoy!

The sheetmusic on this page may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial, personal, home and church uses. For any other purpose, please contact the composer for permission.

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Comments on 'Be Strong and of Good Courage':

"It's an amazing song, I want to have it in my own languages so that I can teach it to my two daughters." ~ Keithy

"OH my gosh those words are just what I needed to hear in my life right now. It is beautiful and truthful. Thank you for sharing. " ~ Alyce

"I think this is the song I have been looking for! Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration. " ~ Carolyn

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