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Blessed Am I

I came to a world
that was cold and unknown.
You reached out to hold me
and made me your own;
And you made me strong,
and you filled me with love,
And whispered that I was
a gift from above.

Blessed am I,
my mother is you,
Sharing His love
in all that you do.
Each gentle smile
is an answer to prayer.
Deep in my heart,
you'll always be there;
Deep in my heart,
you'll be there.

Your love is the truth
that I came here to learn.
You listened and counseled
with love and concern;
And you understood me
when other hearts failed,
When you were the reason
my spirit prevailed.


I thank you, dear Mother,
for all that you are
no softer a moonbeam,
no brighter a star,
no stronger a mountain,
more constant the sea
no other could be such
a mother to me.


About the Song:
A wonderful tribute to mothers.

Lyrics for this song were written by Susan Noyes Anderson

The sheetmusic on this page may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial, personal, home and church uses. For any other purpose, please contact the composer for permission.

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Comments on 'Blessed Am I':

"I love this song so much...i want to sing this song for my mother hopefully next mother's day" ~ Betsy

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