Far Far Away

Far, far away on Judeah's Plains
Shepherds of old heard their joyous strains!
Glory to God!
Glory to God!
Glory to God in the Highest!
Peace on Earth,
Good will to men
Peace on Earth good will to men!

Angels rejoiced, announcing the birth of the baby Jesus, to the shepherds. They came and found him beneath the star, foretold by the prophets.
Far away in the East, Wise Men had also seen the star. They also made the journey to worship the baby Jesus, though they traveled for many years to find him.

Wise men from the East
traveled from afar,
Far, far away, Far, far away.
These were men of faith
seeking Christ their King,
Far, far Away, Far, Far away

They knew Him, their savior!
They came with gifts believing in the sign foretold.
Leaving all they travelled seeking
for the one they knew would offer them all

Far, Far away, (Far, Far Away)
Far, Far away, (Far, Far Away)
Far away, angels sang
in this glorious hymn of praise
Glory to God!
Glory to God! Glory to God!
Glory to God in the Highest!
Glory to God! Glory to God!
Glory to God in the Highest!
Peace on Earth, Good will to men!
Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
Good will to Men!

About the Song:
One of my most favorite Christmas hymns is "Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains". The lyrics and music were written by John Menzies Macfarlane. C. Michael Perry helped me compose this one, taking it to a whole different place than I normally would have gone in. I love it!

The whole concept that we had for the cantata was that of wise men seeking Christ. As I thought about the wisemen, I became more and more impressed with them. I don't know that they were shown angels and heavenly messengers. Christ's coming had been prophesied since the time of Adam. These men obviously knew what signs to look for, and seeing them, came to be where the King was. I truly believe Christ will come again. We know a lot about what that will be like, as well as the things we need to do to prepare for that time. I hope, like the wise men did, that I will recognize those signs and come, so I can sing my praises to him! Glory to God!

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Comments on 'Far Far Away':

"This is a beautiful arrangement. I am directing a YSA choir and am excited to try it. Is there a place I can listen to it? Thank you so much for sharing your talents!" ~ Becky

"I love this song, I used to listen to stuff like this when I was younger and am glad I stumbled across it just now." ~ Jim

"I love the song very much. Wish you a merry christmas." ~ keithy

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