"I Don't Mind At All"

About the Song:
One day I was looking at my daughter Alyssa, and realizing how much she was growing up. The lyrics for this song came right to my mind.

I look at her, my baby girl
she's getting big and tall
she's learning how to use her feet
from when she used to crawl
I watch her as she's letting go
and hope that she won't fall
but when I have to pick her up
I don't mind at all.

I think about the quiet times
she's cuddled next to me
Rocking in my rocking chair
while she sleeps peacefully
She doesn't need my rocking
but I wouldn't miss this call
to be of service to her
And I don't mind at all

It's a simple explanation
why I don't mind what I do
I get such joy from serving
in each little thing I do.
And each time that I serve her
my calling seems so clear.
How choice to be a mother
My purpose is made clear

Reflecting on the moment
when my baby is all grown,
married to a husband
with a daughter of her own,
but she'll still be my baby
and even when she's tall,
then I will still be serving,
And I won't mind at all.


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Comments on 'I Don't Mind At All':

From Sheila:

March 03 2008
I love the words of this song. While going through the first two verses I thought of my daughter who has just become a new mother to a little girl. Then I read the third verse and it just seemed to speak to me as that mother looking now at her daughter who's a mother herself. What an emotional tug! Love it!