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I'll Stay With You

Naomi (spoken): Ruth, you've done everything you could do for me, you've been a great help, and a great friend, but I couldn't ask you to stay...

Ruth (spoken): Naomi, don't ask me to leave, I've found the gosple, I love your ways,
I'll go where you go, I'll live where you live, your God is my God

Ruth (sung):
I've been converted to the gospel
I know that it is true
And I would leave all that I own so I could stay with you
There may be heartaches ahead
But I know the Lord will bless me
It's what I should do
So let me stay with you.

Through sorrows and grief
that only Christ my Savior knows
I've sought for relief
And He has sent me you
And now I'll rejoice (Ruth: Now I'll rejoice)

Naomi and Ruth:for how much He has blessed me

by the words you say
Yes, I will stay with you.

I love your example, the way that you have lived
And the offering of your friendship is the sweetest gift

(Both parts sung together)

Ruth and Naomi:
Our faith grows ever stronger as we turn our lives to Him
And together we will give our pledge to Him

We will be honest and true (honest and true)
Steadfast and Immovable
We will go where you lead in everything we do
I'll trust in Thy hand and count my many blessings
for the friends you give (for the lives we live)
Lord, I will stay with you.
Lord, I'll stay with you (I'll stay with you)
Lord I will stay with you.

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