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"Joshua's Lullaby"

About the Song:
When I was expecting my 6th child, I was composing this song. After he was born, I would play this song, and amazingly, he would fall right to sleep! I didn't figure it out until later that this song was probably one that he knew well. At the very beginning, he was a very colicky child, and playing this song was the one thing that could always get him to sleep.

This sheetmusic may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial personal, home and church uses. For any other purposes,
please contact the composer.

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Comments on 'Joshua's Lullaby':

From Wendy:

December 12 2010
This is exactly the kind of music and style that I like to play...

From Hannah Norton:

December 12 2009
This is one of my favorites. With a soft rocking motion a lot of people say it makes them fall asleep. It is wonderfully composed.

From Aaron:

August 08 2008
This piece, as with many of your compositions, is beautiful. I recently got a piano in my home after not having access to one for over 10 years. I am rebuilding my music collection and rebuilding my skill...

From Kim:

April 04 2008
Since I have discovered your site, it is so hard to stay away because I am so drawn by your beautiful compositions...