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Music is a powerful tool to help people feel peace, overcome trials, and to see truth.

In the "Light" Room, there is powerful music that has the power to help you change your life for the better.

Lay Hold Upon All Good Things

As I think about decisions
that affect me every day,
It is hard to always see the light
So when I kneel, I pray,
Please let me not be tempted
when it's sometimes hard to see.
Please show your light,
I'll know what's right,
It's truth that sets me free.

Evil comes from evil,
and good from good
but it's not always simple
to do the things we should
so search for him and seek him out
within the light of Christ
lay hold upon all good things
and be a child of Christ.

Those things that lead us in the wrong
or makes us want to sin
We can know with perfect knowledge
that it can not be from Him
But if those things bring light and truth,
if they help us to obey,
then hold on tight,
you've found the light,
He's helped you find your way.


If eternity is what we seek
though trials seem hard to bear
we need to always seek the light
so the burden he can share.
We have to go and find him
although He's always there
We need to seek him earnestly
through study and through prayer

Go search for him
and seek him out
He'll tell you what to do
then you decide,
don't compromise,
the choice is up to you


About the Song:
This song is only in this section, because it is one of my very first vocal songs that I ever composed. It isn't the strongest song (musically or lyrically), but this song means a lot to me, and it was a neat experience for me to write a song and sing it for the woman of my church.

The sheetmusic on this page may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial personal, home and church uses. For any other purposes,
please contact the composer.

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