My Baptism Day

I remember on my baptism day
I was dressed all in white
I held my Father's hand tight as I
pondered on the covenants I'd make

I would live all the commandments
I would keep myself so clean
I would live the way the Lord would have me live

And knowing I was making the right choice
I came up from the water and rejoiced

It was like I'd been born again
Born of water and the Spirit
I was clean again, free of all my worldly sin
And a very special gift was then bestowed
The very sacred gift of the Holy Ghost
Every Sunday, I take the Sacrament
And I think of that day
Of the covenants I've made
And I ponder how I've done

Am I living the commandments?
Am I keeping myself clean?
Do I live the way the Lord would have me live?

And when I should have made a better choice
I know if I repent I could rejoice

As if I'd been born again
Born of water and the spirit
I'd be clean again, free of all my worldly sin
And I'd get to keep the gift that was bestowed.
The very sacred gift of the Holy Ghost.
May we live to keep the gift of the Holy Ghost.

About the Song:
I was asked to sing for a baptism in my ward. This was the song that resulted. I think it is a pretty, thoughtful song that could be sung with any lesson about baptism, repentance or the sacrament. Emphasizing the importance of reflecting every day on the convenants we've made, and if we are living them.

The sheetmusic on this page may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial, personal, home and church uses. For any other purpose, please contact the composer for permission.

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Comments on 'My Baptism Day':

" Hi there,

My son is going to baptized soon. So I wonder if you could send me the piano minus track yo sing this beautiful song for him. I Can sing pretty well and I know he is going to love this song as well. But I do not have anybody that can play rhe piano for me.
Please, let me know
Thank you so much!!"
~ Laura

"Beautiful. Thanks for sharing with everyone. I plan to use this as closing song for my son's baptism" ~ Briana

"I love this song so much. This past December I was baptised and that is exactly how I felt. I love the words and the melody. " ~ Rosie

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