"My Eternal Friend"

About the Song:
I wrote this song specifically for my grandma Asay. She was a wonderful women that I always respected and loved. I look forward to seeing her again after this life.

My dear Grandma,
you're my hero and friend
How I've been blessed knowing you
All the mem'ries, I'll forever embrace
thinking of time spent with you.

You're my eternal friend
someday we'll meet again
a reunion, I don't ever want to end
Of the people I know
you are one that I hold dear
and I treasure all of the times
we've spent each year
it's a mission to be like you each day
my grandma, my eternal friend.

I have mem'ries
of the one that you loved
the laughter was hard to ignore,
I remember all the love that you shared
You'll be glad to be with him once more

You're his eternal friend
I know you'll meet again
A reunion that will not ever end
He'll be there by your side
always wrapped in your embrace
He will with you reside
keeping smiles on your face
it's your mission to be with him someday
His sweetheart and eternal friend

My dear sister, heaven waits by your side
beckoning friends want you home
and right near you are the ones who must stay
hoping to greet you someday

You're our eternal friend
I know we'll meet again
a reunion that will not ever end
all the people you've known
waiting there for you to come
it's our hope and dream of awaiting everyone
It's our mission to be with you someday
our sister, my grandma, a mother, a daughter
his sweetheart, and my eternal friend.

This sheetmusic may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial personal, home and church uses. For any other purposes,
please contact the composer.

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Comments on 'My Eternal Friend':

From Naomi:

June 06 2011
I like the pieces you are composing.... you like to use 3 flats or E flat major.. its easy to play..