One Virtue At A Time

Who can find a virtuous woman?
One that is pure and stands for the truth
Surely she'd be more precious
than rubies or gold,
And the Father would lead her to His fold.

I want to be a virtuous woman.
Living by faith and standing for truth
Living my life with purity
Courageously I'll try to live by faith
one virtue at a time

One virtue at a time,
I'll stand with faith
and humbly seek the Lord's direction
Boldly pray, and hope with optimism
I'll forgive and
selflessly I'll choose to do His will
One virtue at a Time.

How can I be that virtuous woman?
Living by faith and standing for truth?
Daily I seek the wisdom to know what I should do,
I live by faith, one virtue at a time

Chorus with descant(verse 2) on top.

I'll live by faith,
One virtue at a time.

About the Song:
Parts can also be downloaded here: Download Vocal Parts

The script can be downloaded here:Download Script

Marilyn Gibbons wrote a very inspired script for our Young Women's New Beginning's Program. We searched the web for just the right song to go with the program, but none felt right.

That night, I read the script and as I pondered the message and the meaning of the program, the words for this song came right to mind. The melody, the 2 part harmony and the spirit was strong as I wrote this song in that night hour, and finished it the next morning.

Not often does that happen for me like that, but it did this time, and I will ever be grateful for the experience.

Marilyn was kind enough to let me put the program on this website as well. You may download the script with the link above and use it in addition to the music, or as a stand alone script.

This recording is just me singing multiple voices. I will try to update the recording if I can get one. (Please DO let me know if you have a recording you have made that you would like others to be able to listen to!)

The sheetmusic on this page may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial, personal, home and church uses. For any other purpose, please contact the composer for permission.

Also, join the Kerby Music Facebook Group to discuss this song and learn from others who have played this song, or ask Lindy a question!

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Comments on 'One Virtue At A Time':

"What a beautiful song and so appropriate for our Young Wonen.We also have our YW in excellence coming up and look forward to learning it. Thank you ❤️" ~ Geraldine Karaitiana

"i thought that this song is very insperational to me i may be just a teen but i look up to and enjoy this song" ~ sarah murray

"Thank you so much for this song! We are having our YW sing it at New Beginnings. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since I've heard it (in a good way)! So beautiful and simple. " ~ Connie

"Also a YW president and your song is perfect for our YW in Excellence on the new value virtue! It's so beautiful and my favorite of the three that we picked for the program..." ~ Lori Benyo

"I'm a young women president for my ward and I will have our young women learn this song for I know it will touch their hearts like how it touched mine. " ~ Karen Sua

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