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Welcome! This site contains free sheet music written by Lindy Kerby for LDS and other Christian Music use. You are welcome to download and print the music on this website for non-commercial purposes. Enjoy the music! ~ Lindy Kerby

Free Sheet Music by Lindy Kerby

TitleVoicingTopicDownload Sheet Music
An Angel Sent From Heaven, Dressed Like YouSolocharity, relief society, visiting teachingDownload
Arise and Shine Forth2 partmissionary work, youth, young women, young menDownload
As One SisterSolorelief society, service, visiting teachingDownload
Be It Unto UsSATBchristmas, SATB, choral, cantataDownload
Be Strong and of Good Courage2 partyoung women, faithDownload
Blessed Am ISolomotherhoodDownload
Blessings From HeavenPianogratitudeDownload
Bundle of JoyPianomotheroodDownload
Dare to do RightSATBchoral, SATB, courage, faithDownload
For the One Which Was Lost, Now is FoundSolo,SSAmissionary work, love of God, forgivenessDownload
I Don't Mind At AllSolomotherhoodDownload
I Kissed His FeetSoloDownload
I Used to Live in Heavenotherplan of salvation, primaryDownload
I Will Praise TheeSATBgratitude, Thanksgiving, choral, SATBDownload
Just Like the SunPianoDownload
Love is the keySoloDownload
My Eternal FriendSolodeath, memoriesDownload
My FriendotherprimaryDownload
One in the SonSolovisiting teaching, charity, relief societyDownload
One Virtue At A Time2 partyoung womenDownload
Peace in MeSoloDownload
Relief SocietySApurpose of life, relief societyDownload
We Shouldn't Be AshamedSABchoral, SAB, missionary workDownload
We'll Stand Strong2 partfaith, youth, young men, young womenDownload
We're Gathering an ArmySATByouth, faithDownload
What He Sees2 partyoung women, relief society, SADownload
Wise Men Still Seek Him Cantatachristmas, cantataDownload
Women of GodSAwomen, sa, relief societyDownload

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