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The Greatest Girls on Earth

As we look around each week
at the girls that we see near us
we are always so a-mazed and so impressed
For every girl we see
is a glorious chosen daugh-ter,
and to be their leader makes us feel so blessed

These are the greatest girls on the Earth
For they know all about their royal birth
As leaders we adore them
And we value their great worth
We think they're the greatest
the Greatest girls on Earth!

Though they each cope diff'rently,
They're courageous and their fearless
and we marvel as we see them standing strong
These are girls with light and truth
and their efforts often cheer us
so tonight we'd like to dedicate this song!


We think the're the greatest,
the Greatest girls on Earth!

Copyright 2008 Little Miracles LLC

About the Song:
Our Young Women in Excellence theme this year was, "The Greatest Girls on Earth". It was meant to be a more light-hearted and fun circus theme, focusing on how wonderful each young women is as a daughter of God.

As I tried to come up with a song that would fit this theme, I originally though that the girls would be singing the song as, "We are the greatest girls on the earth, For we know all about our royal birth, etc". Unfortunately, it just didn't sound very good to have it be so braggy!

I love how this song turned out, as a song that the leaders sing TO the Young Women. I'm sure all young women leaders feel like their young women are the greatest, and this was our opportunity to share our love with them!

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please contact the composer.

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