"This Easter Morning"

About the Song:
This song would be perfect for primary children to sing in an easter program.

This easter morning
I'm thinking of Him
who prayed in a garden
for all of our sin
This part of the plan
was God's gift to man
so we could return home someday
But only if we walk His way

This easter morning
I think how he lived
a perfect example
in all that He did
And now it's my turn
to study and learn
the spirit will show me the way
So that I can be like Him someday

This easter morning
I'm thinking of when
my savior was buried
and then rose again
He still is alive
As was prophesied
by prophets a long time before
and they say that he's coming once more
As he did, on that first Easter morn!

This sheetmusic may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial personal, home and church uses. For any other purposes,
please contact the composer.

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Comments on 'This Easter Morning':

From Diann Wilcox:

April 04 2011
Our children's choir sang "This Easter Morning" as the opening number for our ward's Easter program yesterday. The song was so beautiful and the children loved singing it. We had one of the boys sing the second verse as a solo. There was such a special spirit as they sang it and it opened up the program so well. This is the first children's song that I have ever taught and conducted. The song just has a natural feel to it and the children picked it up very quickly.

From Becky Davis:

April 04 2011
My choir sang this song today. I was originally planning to use it just as prelude music because it was so simple, but the very first time I had the choir sing it in practice I was so moved by the Spirit-- it became one of our performance pieces. It is so beautiful, and I had quite a lot of comments about it after sacrament meeting. We never got through one practice of singing this song without me being moved to tears.

From Robert Stevenson:

August 08 2009
My daughter has had her Primary sing this the past 2 Easters, it is their favorite Easter song to sing. I even used it with my ward choir and also had my Stk Choir sing it for a prelude selection for a Stk Conf. The words are truly inspired and reflective of our Savior...