"To Know My Savior"

About the Song:
I was asked to arrange this song for a sister in my ward who's grandfather wrote the words of this song, and she wanted to sing the song for her child's baptism. It was a neat experience to be there, and to feel the wonderful spirit that was there. This recording is of my friend, Rachelle Thompson, her sister, and Tiffany Crapo.

I never heard the Savior
when He taught in Galilee
Neither was I present
when He walked upon the sea
I wasn't in the crowd
when He fed the multitude
And calmed their pangs of hunger
with that small amount of food

I wasn't with that party
when the time had come to dine
And the Savior's contribution
was turning water into wine
I was not a mourner
when they sought to have him save
their long deceased Lazarus
from a cold and silent grave

I never heard the angel's sing
the evening of His birth
For many years had passed before
I even came to earth

But since I have a firm grasp
Upon the iron rod
I've come to know my Savior
And to love the son of God!

Words by Ralph Wilkins
Music by Gregory L Goehring and Lindy Kerby

This sheetmusic may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial personal, home and church uses. For any other purposes,
please contact the composer.

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