"We Are Sisters"

About the Song:
This song was written with the intent to help the Young Women transition to Relief Society. In one of my previous wards, a well intentioned sister had the idea of singing a "welcome" song for the new sister's that were coming into Relief Society. The song she picked was "Getting to Know You" from South Pacific. Her efforts in uniting us were what inspired this song.

(*note - added Oct.28th, 2006) This recording was given to me from the performance of the song in the Tabernacle at Temple Square. This song won an award from the Church Music competition, and was performed with a choir there.

**Also, one more note, you are welcome to change any of the words to this song for your particular needs. J. Orrock had the suggestion that instead of singing "Sisters it's our time in life, we feel that we've matured and soon we will be on our own so then we'll know for sure..." to sing, " Sisters it's our time in life we're trying to prepare to strengthen
future families, we want to serve and care..."

Any of these kinds of changes (for this particular song) are fine!

We welcome you dear sisters to Relief Society
So much we want to share with you, and friendship is the key
We hope you will look past the years that might set us apart
'Cause if you'll look inside you'll see, we're just as young at heart!

(RS) (YW)
We are sisters / We are sisters
each seek-ing for God's light
(RS) (YW)
We are sisters / We are sisters
try-ing hard to choose the right
we're taking steps and with God's help
we help each one along
we're sisters and together we are strong

Dear Sisters, it's our time in life, we feel that we've matured
And soon we will be on our own, so then we'll know for sure
We hope that you will love us as we try to do our best
And as we get to know you, we are sure that we'll be blessed.


Chorus repeated
(in a new key/ slightly different melody)

(RS) (YW)
We're sisters / Sisters
We're sisters / Sisters
(RS)We're sister's

We're sisters

This sheetmusic may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial personal, home and church uses. For any other purposes,
please contact the composer.

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