We Believe

So many question in their minds
the grand design
of who they are and where they're going
but through our faith it's been made clear
and there's no fear
when you have the joy of knowing
Instead of fearing what the future brings
We put our faith upon our father's wings

and we believe!
And you can see it in our smile.
We believe!
It's in our actions, it's our style.
More than what we know is true,
it's at the heart of everything we do
and by doing it you see that we believe!

There's still so much we have to learn
at every turn
Satan waits with opposition
but Heavenly Father helps us choose
and win or lose
it will be through our decisions.
Someday we hope to gain eternal life
and this we hope because we follow Christ!


Up ahead we never know what trials are coming
but it goes unsaid it's in our Father we'll be trusting
we'll seek after Him with faith,
Hope in all that we've received.
May our lives reflect the truth that we believe!


We Believe!
We Believe!
We Believe!
We Believe!

About the Song:
"We Believe" is a song that I wrote to go with the 2011 Mutual Theme. It's based on the 13th article of faith. Our young women's president told me that she wanted something about being anxiously engaged in a good cause. As I was working on this song, the words, "May my life reflect my mission" come to me. It is how I want to live my life. I hope that everything I do will reflect what I believe and what I feel I'm supposed to do.

The sheet music, accompaniment track, and demo as well as a .pdf for vocal parts-only, are available to download for free through the "Download Links" on the sidebar. There are also 2 MP3's available through itunes (.99) in the event that you can help me to support the site. Both are available for your convenience, and so that you can perform this song with your young women. Since I have not yet had an opportunity to hear this song performed by a young women's choir, please do share your experiences. Enjoy!

The sheetmusic on this page may be downloaded, printed and performed for non-commercial, personal, home and church uses. For any other purpose, please contact the composer for permission.

Also, join the Kerby Music Facebook Group to discuss this song and learn from others who have played this song, or ask Lindy a question!

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Comments on 'We Believe':

"We just absolutely love this song... Thanks for sharing" ~ Anja and Sarah

"im a young women from south africa. Our young women want to perform your song in sacrament. It is such an amazing song that really helps build my testimony of what i as a latter-day saint should believe." ~ nomkhita cakata

"We will be singing this in the devotional on our
youth camp this May. "
~ Baby C. Selma

"Thank you ! This is beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. I know the girls will love it!" ~ Amy Smith

"This is such a wonderful song! We are going to teach this song to the girls at camp this year. I love the message. " ~ Kim Ashford

"Thank you so much for this beautiful music and message! I'm
thrilled to share it with our missionary son who is helping a 14
year old young women progress toward baptism. "
~ JN

"Thanks for this inspiring message in song." ~ Melba Banks

"Perfect message to keep in mind as we start a new year." ~ Polly Jeanty

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