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Welcome! This site contains free sheet music written by Lindy Kerby for LDS and other Christian Music use. You are welcome to download and print the music on this website for non-commercial purposes. Enjoy the music! ~ Lindy Kerby

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Meet the Composer

I'll never forget that first "kick-in-the-rear" blessing that told me that I was not doing everything that the Lord wanted me to do with my talents. While some might have been offended or upset, I couldn't help feeling completely loved. "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth" Hebrews 12:6

God had a plan for me! It mattered to Him what I did with my time and my talents.

I got right to work, trying to write an inspirational song that would validate His belief in me. I struggled and had a terrible time trying to write those first songs. It seemed the harder I tried, the worse my songs became.

I gave up, and thought I'd try my hand at writing purely piano songs. They were easier and I enjoyed learning from my favorite composers at the time - Jim Brickman, David Lanz, and Debussy.

In time, I decided to try my hand again at writing music with words. I was still terrible at it, though I felt the push to keep working on it.

I continued to get frustrated and finally told God that if He wanted me to write an inspirational song, that He was going to have to help me, and give me some kind of reason to write it, otherwise, I was going to give up!

The very next day, the Relief Society president at my church asked me if I could sing a musical number on a specific scripture with a specific topic. She said that she looked everywhere for a song on the topic, but hadn't yet found one. She wondered if I might know of one that could be used.

I knew that it was God answering my prayer. I told the president that I would come up with "something". I then got to work and tried to write a song that could be sung. That was the first inspirational song that I ever wrote. It only took me a week, and I performed it the next Sunday.

It wasn't a great song, and I didn't tell anyone that I had wrote it, but that's what started me out on this journey.

This website has all the beginnings of my songs. Many of them are still in their imperfect states. I like them that way. It helps me to see the progress that I've made.

I still write inspirational song. I know it's part of my mission here and part of who I am. I hope that you will enjoy playing through the songs on this website, and that they will not only be helpful as you look for music to sing and play, but also to inspire you to do the things that God is inspiring you to do! Everyone has a mission and a life purpose. I truly believe that the sooner you start living your purpose, the sooner you can enjoy the blessings that come!

I could never have guessed all the blessings that would come from putting forth the effort and work it took to writing inspirational music. May these songs bless your life as well. It's why it's here! ~Enjoy the Music! ~ Lindy Kerby

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Latest Song Comments

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"I needed a hymn for a special missionary meeting and I choose this hymn because of the message of spreading the gospel throughout the world. I was so happy to find your arrangement of it. I'm looking forward to preparing our choir to sing such a beautiful arrangement. " ~ Norean Ball (Go Forth With Faith)

"Thank you so much for posting your lovely arrangement of Amazing Grace. I played it during communion this morning and it brought some members to tears. It really is one of the prettiest arrangements I've had the pleasure to play." ~ Bev (Amazing Grace)

"I accompanied our choir with this piece for our closing number at Stake Conference. Many in the choir, myself included, teared up while singing it. It is such a beautiful tune to go with wonderfully inspiring words. I will add this to my collection of favorite music!" ~ Ruth Ann Williams (I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go)

"I am a member of the MHS Madrigals choir and I am graduating and leaving on a LDS mission to the Philippines during the summer. My bishop asked if I wanted to do a musical number and at first I was not sure what I wanted to do, but after hearing this I know that I wanted to do this one with my choir at my farewell. Thank you so much for creating and supplying this beautiful arrangement." ~ Jacob Horne (I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go)

"I like this song very much! I am playing it on the piano and it makes me a bit sad but also happu. Thank you for composing this beautiful music!" ~ Reinie van Bockel-Smit (In a Special Place)

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