Songwriting Mentoring

I'd love to help you write your song!

What's Included:

  • Personal mentoring sessions over Skype or on the phone with specific assignments that will help you write your song
  • Once it is written, I'll help you make your song look professional - either for posterity, or for whatever purposes you'd like.
  • Email me so we can discuss your project!


Professional Transcriptions

I'd love to help get your song notated!

What you'll need to do:

  • Send me a hand written copy or a digital copy of your song and I will make it look professional!
  • If you would like an arrangement or transposition of the song, please email the hopes that you have in mind and I will give you a free estimate of how much the song would cost. Most professional notations can be transcribed for less than $20/page.


Arrangement/ Song Requests

I'd love to write a song for you!

What you'll need to do:

  • Email me the details about what you are looking for (what is the purpose of the song?)
  • If you would like a transposition or an arrangement of a song, please make sure that the copyright allows for alterations.

Once I have looked over the request, I will email you a bid for the project. Bids are depending on the scope of the project and how long it would take me to do. I enjoy doing these types of projects!