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Apr 24 2017,

Dear Friends and Fans!

These last few years have been a little difficult. I apologize for how long it's been since my last update. I'm finally getting into the swing of things and I'm excited to add some more music to my website.

This first offering is called Love is the Key. It's a solo that I wrote and performed for a Stake Musical Fireside of the same name. Though the song meant a lot to me then, I had no idea what it would mean in the context of my falling apart marriage. On the day that I performed the piece, I was served divorce papers for my marriage of almost 24 years.

It's been a difficult thing and something I hoped wouldn't happen. I'm grateful for this song and how it helped to remind me that keeping love in my heart was key to staying positive, feeling peace, and allowing God to comfort me through whatever life threw. I still don't know what's ahead, but I know God is directing my path. I know He has a plan and I've taken a lot of comfort in that.

I am excited to share my music more. I've written several things during my absence, and now that things are starting to settle down so that I can think again and put my life back together, I'm finally read to start sharing these songs. I hope you'll follow me on my journey as I try to rediscover myself and do the things that I've felt prompted to do. I'll keep you up to date on new music through my update list, or you can follow me on my Blog, my Facebook Page or even my YouTube channel.

I appreciate your support and love and hope you will enjoy the music!

Lindy Kerby

(Don't worry if you are on my email list and you have not yet received this update. I'm waiting to add a few more things before I send this out to all my subscribers! Enjoy the music!