Dear Friend,
I'm excited to share some new sheet music with you!
My newest song is an intermediate piano song called "Touching Heart Strings" - and it's super fun to play.
It's a song symbolic of love and feeling those "heart strings" fluttering again.
Being single has not been easy, but I'm grateful that God has given me some experiences to help open up my heart. This song is about finding joy in the journey, and learning how to love again. You can listen to the song and download the sheet music here.
Finally, I've been working on adding some videos and recordings to my site. This month I added  "Father, Do you hear me?" and  "Dare to do Right"
In addition to writing music, I've also been looking into motivational speaking, creating audio books, writing music orchestrations for music videos and more! If you're curious, I try to keep everyone up to date on my blog, Facebook Page and other social media sites. You're welcome to follow along. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email or join the Kerby Music Facebook Group! We love discussing the songs on the site and hearing how it has touched your hearts.
Thanks for your patience with me as I'm trying to recreate my life (and my website!) I appreciate you all.
Enjoy the music!
Lindy Kerby

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I hope you'll love the music that you find here - that it touches your heart, and that you'll enjoy sharing your gifts and talents with others!

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